Gabe March Design

Hey there, Welcome to my site!

You think this is just another generic portfolio site, but its not. And I am not your generic tpye of designer. I’m a real, 21st century guy with an unappeasable love for the 80’s and to create cool stuff for people. Also, I really hate progress bars. In particular I hate the uninformative and needless progress bars, just like these:

99 years in the industry!
In the industry! 99%
Making spaghetti
I'm not bad at all 76%
Cheatcodes for GTA San Andreas by heart
I'm really bad at math...
Math is not my cup of tea 23%
...but awesome in creative ideas
Designing Mastermind 100%
Am I hired now?!
Chartmaker genius
Yeah, I know stuff
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm dead serious

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's the "not make any sense" Statistics:

Random, unverifiable number
Hours Worked (this week)
My power level
Minutes I struggled with this charts last item

Our life is short on this planet, why would we waste it with bad design? And how do you know something has ‘bad design’. Let me explain:

This is obviously a terribly bad design

This is a cute chocolatebar design

I am dedicated to create valuable design elements, and my strength is to keep up the contact with my clients.